You don’t purchase a shovel for the shovel. You invest in the ability to create a hole. When you retain a consultant or a coach, it’s not because you want a coach. It’s because you want an OUTCOME. Trust in the consultant to help you identify what outcome you want, and then provide direction and support as you create it.

Through our Intentional Creation Assessment and coaching programs, we identify what makes you tick, and what gets in the way of that ticking. Do you know the constraints to your personal success? Does it ever feel like your employees are holding back? Are you paying your people just enough not to quit? Are they working just hard enough not to get fired? What would happen if we shifted the paradigm from AVOIDING to CREATING? What if … instead of doing more with less, you started DOING MORE ON LESS?

steinsway 4_1.pngJohn Stein works with teams and leaders to increase the effectiveness of individual performance and organizational productivity.  As a business coach, John has been helping people extract their natural genius for over 20 years.  In 1998, John founded Stein’s Way Consulting Group, and has since served over 5,000 professionals in 8 countries. He works with business owners and their teams to develop the personal, tactical, strategic and financial aspects of their businesses. The mission of Stein’s Way is simple: To help you achieve your goals faster by unleashing the natural genius inside individuals and organizations.

One way to use a doctor is for the alleviation of pain. This becomes necessary when you create conditions for illness or are exposed to them. Another way to use a doctor is for prevention of illness or to create conditions for wellness. One way to use a consultant is for the alleviation of pain or organizational dysfunction. Another way to use a consultant is for the prevention of pain or to create conditions for creating possibility or even making the impossible happen.

You don’t purchase a consultant. You invest in an outcome.



“John and I recently met for a strategic marketing session for my small business. I was frustrated because I had no direction; I felt like I was missing something. John immediately pointed me in the right direction, outlining clear, concise steps I needed to take to grow my business. He recognized and praised what I had been doing well, and suggested tools and techniques to take my business to the next level. After our meeting, I had a renewed sense of excitement and focus, and felt that he had put me on the path to success.” – Suzanne “Get It Done Girl” Hull, Des Moines, IA

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