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Happy customers do not come from UNhappy employees!

Clients who work with an experienced, professional business coach report many benefits.   A study conducted by the International Coach Federation reported the following on why people work with coaches and what some of the benefits were:

Role of Coach
By far, most coaching clients pay their coach to be a sounding board – to really listen to them and give honest feedback. Clients, who could select as many choices as were applicable, characterized the role of their coach as the following:

• Sounding board: 84.8%
• Motivator: 78.1%
• Friend: 56.7%
• Mentor: 50.5%
• Business consultant: 46.7%
• Teacher: 41.0%
• Taskmaster: 30.5%
• Spiritual guide: 29.5%
• Other: 13.3%

“I started with Stein’s Way in the month of November. The place where I was at in life was a place of frustration. I felt like I had hit a glass ceiling in my career. I had maxed our my potential and felt like I had stalled. John Stein was my solution to this problem. I needed somebody to look at me objectively and take my thoughts to the next level. I am in Financial Services and here is the kind of growth I experienced: The year I started working with John, my District completed 320 applications. Right now it is July of the following year and we have already done 350 applications and are on par for 800 applications this year, all because I was able to shift some thoughts and approach my business in a way that brought higher productivity! The best part about this is I am just getting started and I see where this program could really take my agency!”Joe Pometto, Madison, WI

Over 500% ROI
In another study conducted by Metrix Global, LLC, the Return on Investment of coaching was calculated to exceed 500%.  A summary of that study concluded:

The Bottom Line:  Coaching produced a 529% return on investment and significant intangible benefits to the business.  Including the financial benefits from employee retention boosted the overall ROI to 788%.  The study provided powerful new insights into how to maximize the business impact from executive coaching.

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“I highly recommend John Stein as a life or business coach. His sessions helped me dig deep in my life to discover what gives my life meaning and purpose. As a result, I am able to build stronger business and personal relationships and feel empowered to help others on their journeys. The Og Mandino teachings are very rich in content and I loved having a complete program to follow which enriched all areas of my life. John is easy to talk to. He is non-judgmental and has a big heart. I could tell he loves helping others. If you’re looking for someone to guide you on your journey, he would be a great choice!” Johanna Armstrong, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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