Our Consulting Division

Clarity + Productivity = Transformation

Our consulting processes start by diagnosing where you are, and assessing where it is you truly want to go. If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will work just fine. Experience has shown us that too many organizations operate from the conventional wisdom of attempting to do more WITH less. The devastating consequences are dramatic decreases in productivity due to most significantly dramatic decreases in employee satisfaction. Together we turn those decreases around by shifting your organizational focus to doing more ON less. The result is a transformed organization that develops the capacity to innovate and continuously re-invent itself.

“The most impressive thing I’ve noted while John has been helping me rethink my business structure and marketing plan is his ability to meet me where I’M at and to offer individualized solutions that achieve MY goals. So many consultants I’ve met are one-trick-ponies who make a show of analysis and questioning, but always come up with a solution that matches their one-trick answer they use for everyone. John breaks that mold with his innate ability to see what’s best for me, not what’s easiest for him. His intuition and articulation have allowed me to literally gain a new understanding of how I can move my vision forward. As an entrepreneur, that move forward is huge in my world. Simply put, he’s now my go-to person when I need help to get my vision unstuck and moving forward.”- Ben Stone, Des Moines, IA

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