Our Training Division

The most important thing to realize about our training programs is that they are always highly engaging and experiential. We believe the best learning takes place through an experience. All training programs are some combination of instructor input (presentation), practice (the experience), and reflection (insights gained from the experience). You can anticipate our training programs being approximately 20% input, 50% experience and 30% reflection. You can expect leaving our programs with significant increases in awareness leading to dramatic improvements in performance and productivity. It’s our promise and our guarantee.

“Stein’s Way provided me with the first serious approach and learning of the Project Management subject. Since Project Management know-how is a fundamental component of my job, I must say that the training he provided was a pillar in my career. John is very professional and knowledgeable, and at the same time can make such a complex topic easy to understand and absorb for anyone. I definitely recommend John as a consultant, and his course as a mandatory step in a Project Manager’s career.” Marco Lazzari, Bologna, Italy

“I recently took Stein’s Way’s “Intentional Project Management” course, and it was the most relevant professional development I have done since college. Project Management is relevant to every aspect of business today whether you are a sponsor, manager or team member. I have taken back what I learned and applied that knowledge on the first day back in the office, and every day since. It has been a major turning point in how I do my work and how I approach my job.”Jeremy Sievers, Web Communications Director, Drake University, Des Moines, IA

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